Privacy Policy


At Smarketer, we value your privacy and are committed to safeguarding your personal information. This disclaimer aims to provide transparency regarding our use of Google Ads data for reporting purposes.

Applicable Laws

This Privacy Policy complies with the following data protection legislation:

Use of Personal Data

We only process personal data that is necessary for providing our services to you.

The purposes of processing personal data are as follows:

Allowing registered users to use our tool via the website. We process data exclusively related to registered users who have been enrolled at the request of their employers or hiring parties (our corporate clients) to access our tools and services on behalf of their organizations. Our legal basis for processing their personal data is fulfilling contractual obligations to our corporate clients.

Types of Personal Data

The following is an example of the types of personal data we process for "users":

If you are a visitor, we only gather data through cookies that enable us to remember you and ensure the delivery of high-quality website content. This does not involve processing personal data, and you remain anonymous to us.

We do not engage in automated processing of personal data, which refers to the use of algorithms or logic mechanisms for automated decision-making processes, including profiling activities.

Google Ads Data and Google API Services User Data Policy

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that allows businesses to display ads on Google's search engine and other websites. As part of our services, we utilize Google Ads to gather data related to customer's accounts.

The data obtained from Google Ads is used solely for generating reports and analytics to provide valuable insights to our end users. These reports assist in measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, optimizing marketing strategies, and enhancing overall performance.

Please note the following important points regarding the use of Google Ads data:

  1. Data Privacy: We handle all Google Ads data in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations. Your personal information collected through Google Ads is processed securely and confidentially.

  2. Non-Identifiable Information: The data collected from Google Ads is aggregated and anonymized, meaning it is not personally identifiable. We do not access or store any information that directly identifies you as an individual.

  3. Purpose of Data Usage: The data obtained from Google Ads is used solely for generating reports and analytics. It is not shared with third parties for commercial or advertising purposes.

  4. Data Security: We have implemented robust security measures to protect your information. All data transfers between our systems and Google Ads are encrypted to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the data.

Use of the app and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Microsoft Clarity

This website uses Microsoft Clarity to analyze website interactions. The provider is Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399 USA (in the following "Microsoft Clarity").

Microsoft Clarity is a service that can be used to create session records, heat maps and ML Insights, among other things. The data you create/transmit is stored on Microsoft Clarity's servers. For more information about the features of Microsoft Clarity, please visit:

Legal basis

The processing of the data is based on Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a DSGVO. The website operator obtains appropriate consent from you (e.g. consent to store cookies). You can revoke this consent at any time. The legality of the data processing operations already carried out remains unaffected by the revocation.

Storage period

The data you provide to us for Microsoft Clarity will be stored for up to 12 months and then deleted. For more details, please refer to the data protection regulations of Microsoft Clarity at: Microsoft Clarity undertakes to ensure data protection in its Online Service Terms and using the EU standard contractual clauses.


When using our service, you have the option to disable non-necessary cookies through the popup banner at the bottom of the login page by selecting "Cookies Settings."

"Necessary Cookies" are session cookies that gather login data to provide access to registered users and improve user experience by optimizing IP addresses, browser versions, security, and service delivery. We only use secure cookies that do not share personal data with third parties. If these cookies are not in place, you may be unable to log in.

For detailed information and the ability to disable other cookies we use, please read the descriptions under "Analytics," "Advertisement," and "Functionality" after clicking on "Cookies Settings" in the banner at the bottom of your landing page.

DPO Contacts

Here are the DPO's contact details:

Smarketer GmbH, Salzufer 8, 10587 Berlin – Germany Tel.: +49 (0) 30 577 008 120 E-Mail:

Data Retention

We retain your personal data for the duration of the service contract with our corporate client (if applicable) or until you request its erasure by exercising your rights under the law.

If you have been enrolled by our corporate client and request erasure of your personal data, we will inform the client since our contractual obligation is to provide service to all registered users. Erasure of personal data is performed in both live repositories and backups, as required by law, within 30 days of a valid erasure request (for self-enrolled users), confirmation from the corporate client of the erasure request (for users enrolled by a corporate client), or termination of the service contract with our corporate client or with you.

Security and Confidentiality of Your Data

We employ secure and encrypted hosting environments to host and process your personal data, following industry best practices and adhering to the highest market standards. All data transfers between your browser and our servers are also encrypted.

Regardless of any necessary data transfers to other countries for the provision of our services, we have implemented all required technical and legal measures to comply with the law.

Our partners, involved in delivering our service, include:

Your Rights under the Law

You have the following rights, as applicable:

Right of access - You can request confirmation of whether we process your personal data and, if so, access to that data. To protect your privacy, we may need to verify your identity before providing the personal data.

Right to rectification - You can request the correction of inaccurate personal data pertaining to you. You can directly update your information when logged in or submit a request as described below.

Right to erasure - You can request the erasure of your personal data, which we will perform unless there is a legal obligation or legitimate interest requiring its retention.

Right to restrict processing - You can request specific restrictions on the processing of your personal data. When exercising this right, please explain the requested restrictions and the reasons behind your request. We will respond by either acknowledging or denying your request and providing an explanation.

Right to object to processing - You can object to processing activities based on our legitimate interests. However, we may refuse to comply if it affects our ability to deliver our services.

Right to data portability - You can request the provision of all or specific pieces of personal data we hold about you.

Right to be informed about a Personal Data Breach - In the event of a privacy breach where your personal data under our processing has been or potentially has been exposed to unauthorized third parties, you have the right to be notified within 72 hours of such an incident.

Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority - You have the right to file a complaint regarding our processing activities with the data protection supervisory authorities of the European Union member states.

Exercising Your Rights

To exercise your rights, please send an email to

Final Note

Our service may include links to other websites with different privacy practices. If you submit personal data to those sites, their privacy policies will govern the information you provide. We strongly encourage you to read the privacy policy of any website you visit.